Call for 2022 Co-chairs:

Want to help the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) find and recognize the best interaction design in the world today? Now is the time to raise your hand to be considered for the role of Co-Chair for 2022 Interaction Awards.

IxDA is a community of doers and makers, so if you watched the 2021 Awards Ceremony and thought to yourself, “I’d love to help make the Awards program even better,” now’s your chance to step up. Volunteer to lead the program as Co-Chair or lend your skills and time on one of the many work streams for the 2022 Awards program.

Why the Interaction Awards matter for our community

Deep love and gratitude

As we said in our first blog post, co-chairing the Awards is, and has been, a labor of love for both of us for the last year. We wrap up the year now, humbled, optimistic, enthusiastic, and extremely grateful.

We are so grateful for…

… our dedicated 25 Awards team volunteers, 60 Peer Reviewers, ceremony hosts and presenters, and everyone who gave time and effort to make the 2021 Awards program a stupendous success.

… our Jury Chair May-Li Khoe and the amazing Jury she curated Catt Small, Andrés Burbano, Dara Oke, Una Lee, Ari Melenciano, and Andrea Mignoloand. …

And the winner is…

The 2021 winners were announced live on 5 Feb 2021 at the close of Interaction 21.

We’re honored to announce the Interaction Award winners for 2021!

On 5 February 2021, our community tuned in for the 10th Annual Interaction Awards to celebrate winning projects from all over the world presented via a virtual gala celebration live-streamed thanks to this year’s exclusive Sponsor, Amazon Design.

Watch the Awards!

Enjoy delightful, real-time reactions from the winners, and catch moving presentations from:

  • 2021 Jury Chair May-Li Khoe and the entire 2021 Jury
  • IxDA Board President Kevin Budelmann
  • Awards Co-founders Jenn Bove and Raphael Grignani
  • 2016 Jury Chair, Kim Goodwin
  • Surprise appearances from past winners and Awards Co-chairs
  • Master of ceremonies; 4-time…

Welcoming Amazon Design as our 2021 Exclusive Partner

IxDA is pleased to welcome Amazon Design as our exclusive partner in presenting the tenth anniversary edition of the Interaction Awards. This partnership demonstrates Amazon’s support of IxDA’s mission to improve the human condition through interaction design.

“Amazon Design is honored to help IxDA make this year’s Interaction Awards presentation accessible to everyone for the first time. We believe that the inspirational work being recognized here will not only challenge practicing professionals but encourage a revolution of future designers to Think Big and do even bigger.” — Corey Dangel, Executive Producer, Amazon Design Community Leader.

As a platform, IxDA provides…

Raise a glass!

After several weeks of hard work by Peer Reviewers, the Awards team, and finally input from our esteemed 2021 Jury, we’re thrilled to share the 43 projects representing 21 countries that have been selected for inclusion in our 2021 Interaction Awards Shortlist!

Everyone who submitted projects contributed to the incredibly diverse body of work featured. Even if you didn’t make it this year, we deeply value the work you put into your submissions. We’re truly inspired by the overall quality and level of excellence seen throughout all submissions. Whether shortlisted or not, all entrants are warmly encouraged to make their…

We are beyond thrilled to announce the Jury for the 2021 Interaction Awards.

From our 2021 Jury Chair, May-Li Khoe:

Together, the Jury’s experiences represent fields from speculative design to game design; early to late stage careers; organizations in entertainment, education, business to business, and more; very early stage companies to very established institutions; hardware, software, art, activism, teaching; and everything in between. They also bring with them a vast array of intercultural perspectives and backgrounds, having straddled cultures, places, and fields, and having created change both with the margins and at the center. …

Hello IxDA Community 👋🏽

I’m so excited to announce that this year, for the first time ever, IxDA is able to provide a discount for indie and non-profit submissions. Thanks to feedback from artist-designer April Soetarman, we realized that people working independently may not be able to enter without a bit of a boost. The team took this feedback and made it happen. We hope that it encourages those of you we know are out there, making magic happen on a shoestring budget, out of your own deep independent creative drive.

Here’s a quick refresher on why submitting is a…

We’re happy to announce the new extended submission deadline of Sunday, 15 November at 11:59 PDT.

This year, it’s easier than ever for individuals, students, and companies to submit work:

  • Entry fees have been reduced by 50%
  • Students can enter their first project for FREE
  • Submissions are accepted in ANY language
  • No video is required for first round submissions
  • Any work done in the last 2 years is eligible

If you’re worried that your work couldn’t compare, check out our last blog post for examples of why you should ignore that negative voice in your head.

Have any questions? Check…

Winners at the 2020 Interaction Awards ceremony in Milan, Italy.

There’s one week before the Awards submission deadline on 31 Oct and you should seriously consider entering your best work. Here’s why…

In February every year, the IxDA community celebrates the winners of the Interaction Awards. As “the Oscars” of the Interaction Design industry, the Interaction Award is so prestigious that even to be a finalist bestows credibility to the designers, school, or company involved. They are, by the simple virtue of their selection, deemed to be the best.

Your work deserves consideration.

Winning the Interaction Award helps YOU stand out.
As each designer and entity (school, agency, or organization) strives to stand out in…

The Jury Chair is one of the most vital roles for the Interaction Awards to fill each year — helping curate and lead the jury, while ensuring the very best work is recognized. This person also takes on the responsibility of accounting for diversity, and responding to submissions ethically in a way that reflects the global community.

Design in Perilous Times is our theme for Interaction 21, and as part of Interaction Week, the Awards team is excited to see submissions that address the issues facing the world today. …

IxDA Interaction Awards

IxDA’s Interaction Awards recognize and celebrate examples of excellence in Interaction Design across domains, channels, environments and cultures.

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